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Supervivent can provide an extensive range of powerful and flexible mobile computer solutions for all types of environment:

  • Business Rugged
  • Rugged
  • Ultra Rugged
  • Hazardous Environment

To ensure our customers get the best IT solution and service – each and every time. To provide high levels of personalised technical service assisting clients in the selection of rugged mobile computing solutions.


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About Me

It’s all about people. But further, how to empower people when they are working in a harsh environment? Technology must serve people, not the other way around. If technology restricts a person’s freedom of action, then there is room for improvement and potential to save money and time and increase overall productivity while enhancing customer service.

I help people and teams to create powerful, reliable, ergonomic and rugged workplaces for mobile ways of managing inputs, processes and outputs in the field, to outlast the environment, whether mounted or hand-carried.

I will give field workers instant access to the data, information and instructions they need, when and where they need it, while mobile workers can be productive no matter the environment conditions.

I love how best-in-class ruggedized devices give me the ability to improve my service, reduce errors and increase profitability. My mission is to give the same experience to my customers. It is critical for me to keep the right products flowing from the manufacturers and distributors to the end-user to ensure a superior customer experience.

I’ve heard that they call me “The Toughbook man.” I prefer to use my name. I have been operating in the rugged computers world since 2005. Accompanied by a number of cases and events, I have developed my own network, which differs from the traditional sales and delivery logic in the IT hardware market.

My experience shows that effective implementation of rugged devices needs an agile and specialized adviser. Due to the ability of understanding the market and its needs, I can’t promise that I will meet your expectations but I can guarantee I will give my best. My passion is solving IT challenges with rugged mobile computing hardware. I get thrilled when somebody says: “Impossible”. I can’t do a thing about it, it just turns me on. Challenge me!

Feel free to contact me and let’s talk about #ruggedcomputersonly

Wish you all the best

Oliver Sults
Father of two
Founder of Supervivent
Fascinated of all the everyday miracles

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15 years of successful and unsuccessful projects. These experiences are now

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