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    A selection of projects.

    In-car computers, tablets for fieldwork, rugged computers, forklift computers, industrial computers

    Here we present a selection of projects in which our team members have been able to participate to a greater or lesser extent. In-car computers, tablets for fieldwork, rugged computers, forklift computers, industrial computers – in one word #ruggedcomputersonly

    “If you can take it, you can make it!” Regardless, we can’t list all the jobs we’ve done here. However, if there is an appetite to read more, we will offer our story. If the curiosity did not fade, then there are more ideas and useful information in our blog (for example, TOP10)

    A selection of projects

    • We managed to deliver 30 ambulance computer equipment sets to new ambulance vehicles this year.
    • 11 sets of computers found deployment in Stora Enso’s warehouses in Estonia.
    • We were honored work with Estonian drone developer Threod Systems. We delivered 24 sets of Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 and Toughpad FZ-M1 models in total.
    • We got the opportunity to equip multiple Stora Enso sawmills with Panasonic computers and Gamber-Johnson docks. In total, we delivered 32 sets of computers, including the new Toughpad FZ-G1 and Toughpad FZ-M1 and the already discontinued Toughbook CF-H2 Field.
    • Throughout the year we delivered a total of 28 sets of Panasonic Toughbook computers to drone developer Threod Systems. Among them models CF-20, CF-31 and FZ-G1.
    • Eli OÜ ordered from us 12 sets of Panasonic’s flagship Toughbook CF-31 from the fully-rugged class. The computers were part of a squad of drones delivered to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. You can read more about the drones in Digigeenius’ article “This pair of robot eyes is now watching you from the sky: read what Border Guard drones can do.”
    • We managed to deliver 13 ambulance computer equipment sets to new ambulance vehicles this year.
    • We delivered semi-rugged class Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 laptops to Baltic Marine Group AS technicians. Baltic Marine technicians use computers for fieldwork when setting up, troubleshooting and correcting defects and servicing LARGE engines.
    • We equipped Baltic Marine Group AS technicians with semi-rugged computers. The computers are used by specialists, among other things, to set up operation modes for locomotive engines.
    • Threod Systems.
    • Preparation of technical documentation for the procurement of new fieldwork computers for Elektrilevi technicians.
    • Profile Vehicles Baltic OÜ started building first responder vehicles for The Tartu Ambulance Foundation. We delivered computer kits for the vehicles.
    • UAV Factory – a drone developer based in Latvia – ordered components for the control units of its aircraft.
    • Equipping the Environmental Board with 121 computers for fieldwork.
    • Equipping Stora Enso’s Latvia warehouse forklifts with vehicle solutions.
    • LCDs with special temperature capabilities (-30°C to +80°C) ordered by Infotark AS.
    • A number of 7 inch and 10 inch Toughpads went to support ABB UAB’s production processes.
    • Design and delivery of an in-car computer solution for Tallinn Ambulance.
    • We replaced the old forklift computers of Henkel Balti OÜ with new ones.
    • Equipping the Tax and Customs Board with fieldwork computers.
    • Video recording solutions for vehicles of the Transport Administration.
    • Designing a computer solution for rescue vehicles, preparation of technical documentation necessary for carrying out public procurement.
    • Analysis of mobile printers purchased for police vehicles ordered by SMIT.
    • Pilot project for a new e-police solution.
    Silver Siim

    We got such a successful solution that it became a standard

    I recommend consulting with Oliver about designing a computer solution for vehicles. We started our cooperation with Oliver 6 years ago. We were looking for an alternative to our current computer solution for ambulance vehicles. We had to keep to a pre-fixed budget, but with higher expectations for quality. We got such a successful solution based on the Panasonic Toughpad kit that it became a standard we follow to this day when buying computers for ambulance vehicles.

    Silver Siim
    Head of Logistics at Tallinna Kiirabi

    Märt Tõnumaa

    Oliver has supplied us with over 40 computer solutions for cars and we are very content with the service

    There is no doubt that Oliver knows how to foster customer relationships, how to maintain them and most importantly – what to do to make the customer happy after the purchase! Silwi Autoehitus rebuilds Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles into special vehicles from ambulances to luxury vans. In recent years, the ambulance has ordered vehicles equipped with computer solutions. We were looking for an IT partner who would be able to provide a high-quality complete solution, timely deliveries, competitive rates and a smooth after-sales service. Oliver has supplied us with over 40 computer solutions for cars and we are very content with the service.

    Märt Tõnumaa
    Chairman of the Board at Silwi Autoehituse AS


    Cooperation with Supervivent has been very positive

    Supervivent has helped Stora Enso’s sawmill in Imavere with the best tablet solutions by Panasonic from concept-to-delivery – from validating ideas to installation and maintenance. Cooperation with Supervivent has been very positive. With routine questions, I always ask and Oliver always gives me an answer. He obviously loves his work.

    Egert Okas
    Stora Enso, Imavere sawmill


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