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    The keyboard is thin, light-weight, has an ergonomic feel and is a cost-effective solution and the perfect complement for an application that does not require fully rugged devices.

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    This kit includes the Rugged Lite Keyboard (7160-1449-00) and the Quick Release Keyboard Cradle (7160-1470-00).

    Rugged Lite Keyboard

    • Integrated center Touchpad with right and left mouse button
    • 76-key keyboard with 12 function keys for custom operation
    • Low-profile ergonomic design for ease of use in a mobile environment
    • Emergency Key – a configurable key that can be used to send for emergency help or assistance
    • Silicone rubber keys with white lettering and a rugged ABS poly-carbonate case
    • Input cable: USB Type A male connector (coiled cable)
    • Supports Windows (XP or Above), Android, Linux, and Mac OS / iOS platforms
    • USB- A port to attach a mouse, another peripheral, or flash drive (USB 2.0 500mA)
    • Rubber feet to prevent slippage
    • Keyboard is compatible with Gamber-Johnson quick release keyboard cradle (7160-1470-00)
    • Available in US English (7160-1449-00), UK (7160-1449-01), German (7160-1449-02), French (7160-1449-03), and Spanish (7160-1449-04)

    Quick Release Keyboard Cradle for the Rugged Lite Keyboard

    • Compatible with Gamber-Johnson USB Mobile Keyboard (7160-1449-00)
    • Easily insert or release the USB keyboard:
      • Insert bottom of keyboard into tray, match indents in keyboard with hooks on tray, then push top of keyboard into tray and engage latch
      • To remove, push latch to disengage and pull keyboard out of computer out of tray
    • VESA 75 mounting pattern, attach to most Gamber-Johnson motion attachments
    • Black powder coat finish
    • Keyboard can be permanently attached to keyboard cradle using two #6 machine screws
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