• Sacci Harness Advanced

    Sacci Sele Advanced is a versatile and elaborate harness for heavier loads or where you use your equipment for longer periods in a row.


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    The selenium is designed to distribute the load evenly over the entire support system. The inside is made of 3D mesh for good ventilation against the body and the outside is made of durable polyester fabric to withstand the toughest environments. You easily adjust the size and position of the stomach plate with four different straps.

    The stomach plate is designed to be able to stably attach many different units of varying size and weight, such as a computer, PDA or control unit. The system with aluminum rails means that the load is spread from the unit bracket and the belly to the upper part of the harness in a very good way.

    The harness has the majority of sewn-on straps in well-placed places to make it possible to attach accessories or other equipment.

    Sacci also has its own production of holders

    if needed for specially designed adaptation.

    • Weight: 1200 g
    • Dimensions (WxH):   300x900x400 mm
    • Color:  Black
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