• Sacci Hook

    The Sacci Hook is an innovative solution for everyone who wears at work. With its unique design that is both developed from an ergonomic purpose and to function as an extra hand, it is suitable for several different purposes. With the Sacci Hook, we want to facilitate and streamline people’s work and offer the opportunity to prevent ill health and work-related injuries.

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    As the weight is distributed over both shoulders, you can reduce the harmful load on other parts of the body. The product is hung over the shoulder, without or with tensioning straps and is easy to put on and take off. The stomach plate can be adjusted in both height and angle, which makes the product both efficient and flexible. It works, among other things, for computer use, control and regulation units, distance lasers or the like.

    • Weight: 900 – 1,200g Depending on model
    • Dimensions (WxH):   300×640 mm
    • Color:  Black
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