• Zirkona 6″ Medium 2-Down Joiner, VESA 75mm Mounting Plate with Back Plate

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    A simple yet versatile solution to mount your lightweight device virtually anywhere to your dash and tailored for user comfort and ergonomics.

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    • Reduce the risk of damaging the dash, help disperse the weight of the device and add extra reinforcement with the included back plate
    • No need to fight installing extra hardware with an easy to install back plate
    • Small form factor to secure light weight devices up to 6 lbs at full horizontal extension
    • Quick adjust handles for individualized adjustment at each end for optimal positioning
    • Utilized as a drilled solution to virtually mount anywhere or adapts to Gamber-Johnson OEM specific no drilling required options to perfectly align with your mounting needs
    • Includes VESA 75mm mounting hole pattern to accommodate countless docks, cradles and other peripherals

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